Mexican Timeshare Rescue Fraud

Have you been the victim of a Mexican timeshare resale fraud?  Beware the next scammer coming your way: the rescue fraud.  Here’s how it works:

You finally realized that you had been victimized, stopped wiring more money to Mexico, and contacted your local authorities.  They probably told you that there is little chance that you will get your money back and little chance that the perpetrators will ever be identified, let alone brought to justice.

Your name gets passed from one set of scammers to another.  A new phone call or letter comes, seeming to be an answer to your prayers.  The Mexican authorities have broken up the criminal cartel that was responsible for scamming you out of tens of thousands of dollars.  You have been identified as one of their vicitms.  Sometimes they claim that the Mexican government has set up a compensation fund, and sometimes they claim that they are an attorney in Mexico who is authorized to seek compensation on your behalf.  All it takes is a small up front fee to retain the lawyer, or to stake your claim from the Mexican authorities.

Desperate, and hoping to undo some of the damage from the last scam, you send the money.  You’ve been hooked again.  Just as the last group did, they will ask you to send more and more money, always promising that this is the last small hurdle to recovering your losses, there is just one new fee that needs to be paid to a bureaucrat in Mexico before you can finally be made whole.  In reality, there is no compensation fund set up, or the lawyer that you are paying is not in any position to obtain any compensation for you.


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