Current Players

The following people and companies are being reported as offering to resell Mexican timeshares.  They may or may not be scams.  Caveat emptor.  Follow the links to learn more.

Icon Brokerage Group.  They are reportedly asking owners to wire money to an escrow account in Oregon.  This appears to be linked to Associated Escrow Services, Inc.

Liberty Interactive Solutions.  According to a comment on the FTC’s blog, a company by this name has obtained up-front payments from the commenter’s family member and are requesting more.

Premium Marketing International LLC.  According to a complaint, this company took $2,000 in exchange for a promise to rent and sell a timeshare and never provided those services.

Vacation Privileges.  According to this complaint, a group is running a scam similar to the infamous John Monte / Platinum Access Program scam in Puerto Vallarta.  According to that complaint, a person bought the Vacation Privileges program in exchange for a promise that a condo elsewhere would be resold.  No resale occurred, according to the complaint.

Vacation Connections, LLC and Title Investments LLC.  According to two complaints, Vacation Connections and Title Investments are running a classic Mexico timeshare resale fraud.


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