What to do if you’ve been scammed

If you have been the victim of a timeshare resale fraud, here are some steps to take.

Save everything.  Any voicemails, emails, faxes, or other records will provide evidence for investigators to follow.

Contact your bank or credit card service.  Although there might not be anything that can be done, there is at least a chance that some of your losses can be reversed.

File a report with the Federal Trade Commission.  The FTC accepts online complaints from consumers who have been the victim of fraud.

File a report with the Internet Crime Complaint Center.  The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) provides a central reporting location where the FBI and other law enforcement agencies can accumulate reports and refer your complaint to the agency best qualified to investigate it.

File a report with your local law enforcement agency.  Although it is highly unlikely that your local law enforcement will have the ability to help, a report will document your case and will capture your memories of the event now, which might help to refresh your recollection if the case is ever solved.